Done For You
Local Media Assets
What If Your
Facebook Page & Website
Ran On Its Own?

With New Engaging Content, Posted Multiple Times Per Day?
What If It Could Be Done For $1-$2 Dollars Per Day?

Social Content Posting for "Local Media Assets"
(Local News Website, Facebook & Instagram Pages)

Our Team Will Update Your LMA Pages
(Website, Facebook & Instagram)
Every Weekday

Daily "News" Posting

We can manage, create & post
news articles and events
to your website and Facebook

Daily "Engagement" Posting

Our team schedule post funny, trending memes
to gain traction & traffic
onto your Facebook & Instagram pages

Memes + News ($50/mo)

We'll post one meme per day (you can choose the days they are posted; 7 days per week, weekdays only, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or weekends only)


We'll Post to both your Facebook and Instagram Pages (just one page: you cannot mix and match different LMA's)


These graphics and posts go to your LMA Facebook Page (no Groups or Profile Pages)


(memes + news offer only) We’ll post two news stories per weekday (Monday through Friday) in your local area with a stock photo graphic PLUS update your LMA blog


Cancel anytime, no minimum contract

Start Local Media Assets Posting Service:

After you checkout, we will contact you within 24 hours
to setup the special "guest access"
that allows us to post to your Facebook & Instagram pages.

Done For You
Local Media Assets
Created by Robert Plank of JumpX LLC, Done For You Local Media Assets (DFYLMA) provides the services you need to for website and social media growth.
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