Done For You
Local Media Assets

Let Our Team Update Your LMA Pages
(Website, Facebook & Instagram)
Every Weekday

Quick question:

What if your LMA (Local Media Asset) Facebook page ran on its own? With new engaging content posted every day, if not MULTIPLE times a day? Would getting those consistent posts, training people to check YOUR local page regularly for news and events?

What if it could be done for about 1 dollar per day?

Check out the offer below. We’d like to get “guest access” to the Facebook and Instagram accounts for your LMA page (or just your Facebook account, if you don’t have Facebook setup) and post to your page every day (or slightly less, depending on your preference) to keep your LMA page updated and let YOU focus on more important, money-making tasks.

Introductory Offer:

Memes + news ($50/mo)
  • We’ll post one meme per day (you can choose the days they are posted; 7 days per week, weekdays only, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or weekends only)
  • We’ll Post to both your Facebook and Instagram Pages (just one page: you cannot mix and match different LMA’s)
  • These graphics and posts go to your LMA Facebook Page (no Groups or Profile Pages)
  • (memes + news offer only) We’ll post two news stories per weekday (Monday through Friday) in your local area with a stack photo graphic PLUS update your LMA blog
  • Cancel anytime, no minimum contract